they/them and gender neutral terms only please!
i am a convert jew + nonbinary lesbian

do not interact if you're racist, lgbtphobic, proshipper/MAP, terf/radfem, or if you're involved with ed/sh twt, go away don't want you here.
DNFI you ship miss pauling with scout or men. DNFI you ship classic heavy w medic (ew)

i am retweet heavy and will retweet my current interests, i usually type in caps when im hyper or excited!! im very interactive and always open to do something dont be scared to ask me im very nice i prommy!
i do use tone indicators and dont really require to use them on me!! i dont mind kys or die jokes just as long as youre a close friend!
im critical of all media i consume


my main kins are gloria greywhinder (HaH), medic (tf2), and tweek tweak (sp) (i only kin for fun and dont mind doubles or other kins)
...lady dimitrescu and the countess from american horror story are comfort characters for me i dont mind doubles/kins just dont make it weird, ok!?
my current hyperfixations include fatmagic (tf2 yter), FNaF (evr since 2015), american horror story, and rammstein